Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Political force

The world of politics is strange
It seems dissent is the only consent that politicians can arrange
I was told that politicians are here to serve
Now I think they exploit until they reach peoples nerve

A democratic government is a representation of the electorate
Realizing this I think we are in a very poor state
Either we are inherently corrupt and flawed
Or our democracy is not true and the influential have it clawed

Accepting the former is losing hope
So believing in the latter is something we will have to cope
so why do oppositions stall the parliament
It is an act that for me is total bewilderment
The logic is that they are serving the nation
By stopping the institution of policy generation
It is like your cancer doctor being stopped by your nurse
Because someone in the hospital said a curse

Politicians play on peoples fear
Not on their aspirations that much is clear
Take the fear talk from Donald Trump and his opinions
As stupid and as absurd as those stupid minions
To discombobulate people from the things that matter
Congress came up with in tolerance and trump with all the nonsense chatter

Inherently I think we like news/information that is sensational
Media's bias and hype is unconditional
It seems to me all the talk is superficial and vague
And real issue never reach the peoples stage

I hope there are politicians who are conservative liberals
And this becomes one of the new major kernels
I know like politicians from this poem nothing much can be taken
But let's wait and see when does the force awakens

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Opinion about Opinions

The world has become an interesting place where everyone can have a dumbass opinion. The only thing that separates "the now" from "the then" is that it is easier to express these opinions now. Any jackass with an internet connection can do that. Take me and Donald Trump for an example.

What I believe is that though everyone may think that they are logical but all of us are biased in one way or the other. Take me for an example, I writing my opinion on what I think about how other form their opinions (ridiculous right). Now if you all ask yourself a simple question, have you ever been wrong.The answer is never because you try to make the best use of the information available to serve a purpose of your choice and make a decision.In the hindsight you might agree that your decision might have been wrong but never in the present.

For e.g. Voldemort apparently didn't like muggles and he believed killing them would be the sure way to gain more power and become invincible and immortal. Harry Potter had a different opinion which led to Voldemorts downfall. Anakin Skywalker always did the best thing in his opinion and became the Darth Vader ,to which Master Yoda would have said: "Bad very this is in Opinion of my". The point I am trying to make by these stupid examples is that our decisions always seem logical to us. It seems a redundant thing to say but if you think about this, we are so opinionated that we feel differently about facts also. Djokovic wins a match; that is a fact and finishes the best season of his career; for some people it signifies the start of a weak era in tennis and others interpret it as the result of his hard work and dedication. Who is Right?

One thing that I find interesting is that people who have a strong and clear opinion are better decision makers, might be wrong decision makers but better. If a Candidate running for office has a strong inclination towards a subject matter he can muster more people to his cause.No one knew what Rahul Gandhi stood for, his opinions we very unclear,weak and unconvincing. Hitler had an strong opinion and we all know the result. So what makes an opinion right, I think it is the decided by which opinion prevailed. If Alan Donald would not have messed up that last run in the 1999 world cup against Australia then South Africa would not have been labelled as Chokers. Opinions are given credibility or discredit by the side that prevails.

Before a side prevail, whether an opinion is wrong or right is a subject to popular interpretation. I am of the opinion that in Indian a leader like Kejriwal can do wonders, who is to say my opinion is correct or not. Everyone makes a decision they think will best serve the objective they are looking for. Another problem is that people can have different objectives for the same thing.
Everyone desires the Dragon balls, for some it is to bring back their dead friends (primarily Crilin )and for some it is a path to immortality and destruction. A common man might have an opinion that Dragon balls are a pain in the ass and bring all the trouble to the world.

So I made up all this bull shit to make a point that we all have an opinion and our opinion is either right or wrong only in the opinion of others. So in this world there are people who are conservative in opinion and there are people who are liberal. I don’t understand why there are not more conservative liberal. Why this faction is not a big thing. The more I read about them the more I become certain that I am neither. So for all other who are trying to develop an opinion here comes another opinion.

Monday, November 23, 2015

The Aamir Opinion

Continuing the debacle of opinion. One opinion that has messed with the country right now is that Aamir Khan's wife thinks that our country is going intolerant. As Paresh Rawal rightly once said: "Patni hai ki Panauti hai". Even snapdeal is feeling the heat of the Dil ki deal it did with Aamir.

Statement like these implicate that the minority is scared of the conservative(right wing) government. The elite Media has created an environment that is trying to create an opinion among the citizens of India that since the BJP has come to power it means that the minorities will suffer. I think that the conservative government in India is more liberal than the liberal wing(if there is one) in the nations controlled by these minorities.

Having said that, quoting Joey  "It’s a Moo Point". We should not make this comparison because we are Indians and the day we start comparing ourselves to these nation all hope will be lost. India is and has been a tolerant country and everyone should stick to this fact. We have been an tolerant nation since long and that’s the reason we co-exist even after being such a diverse nation. Our country is a like the world of Marvel where we have many people of influence who do not agree on everything but eventually work for the better. We have even accommodated Hulk ideologies in our society and still we are intolerant. Misquoting LFMAO famous song: I am an Indian and I know it. And I am proud of it.

I believe that bulk of the Indian media is liberal (left) which is giving unnecessary air to these unrelated events of intolerance. If you discuss the same thing all day long it feels that our country is very bad and everything is going wrong. I totally agree that these things should be condemned and people have a right to protest in a non-violent way but making it the talking agenda portrays all of us Indian as Intolerant.Which we are not. It's like Mundunglus Fletcher's acts defining what Order of Phoenix stands for, which is outright wrong and ridiculous.

Whatever Aamir Khan said is his opinion and there might be a reason for him feeling that way. He has even given a clarifying position on his stand.I think he deeply cares about the country and has exercised his right to free speech effectively in the past to raise the issues he cares about deeply. Even after doing everything he could for the Nights Watch  Jon Snow was stabbed by his brothers after taking a stand that was better for the seven kingdom but did not sit well with his own brothers. Apparently he knew nothing of how his brothers might react. Extreme opinion and actions never serve any good.

The only problem I have is with the greed of the people. The greed of the politicians, big media houses and big corporations for money and power and their use of religion to meet this purpose. Religion has been used long and in many instances by people in position to manipulate the commons to meet their purpose. Why don’t we learn from history (its right in front of our eyes). I guess it is human tendency to believe what others say rather than checking facts for themselves before forming an opinion. The most dangerous opinion are the ones that are based on wrong facts. I believe India being an intolerant nation is one such opinion.